Privacy Policy

Revere’s Riders (RR) and all of its affiliates and branches respect the privacy of every person who participates in RR sponsored events or competitions or becomes an RR instructor, volunteer or supporting member. RR does not sell or otherwise provide customer or member information to any third party, except to allow fulfillment of RR functions such as payments, deliveries or other fulfillment of services requested by the affected member, volunteer or attendee. By registering to participate in any RR or RR-sanctioned event, submitting an application of any kind and for any purpose to RR, registering for any forum moderated by RR, you agree to the RR privacy policy contained in this document.

  • The RR collects personal information about you from the following sources: Information received from your application to participate in RR activities or sanctioned events, registration for such activities, consents, waivers, registration for forums or registrations for instructor or volunteer programs, registration as a supporting or other RR member;
  • Information provided by clubs, schools, ROTC units or other such organizations hosting RR or sanctioned events, at your request or on your behalf.

RR will use such information to:

  • Communicate with you regarding your participation in events, your membership or volunteer/instructor status;
  • Complete payments to RR for membership, event tickets, or other requested services;
  • Confirm your registration for events or verify the correctness of such information with you;
  • Verify your eligibility to participate in such event or activity;
  • Inform RR and sanctioned/affiliate Event Directors of your participation in their events;
  • Maintain records of your membership in RR and contact you regarding it;
  • Record your participation in RR or affiliated/sanctioned events;
  • Report your completion of a sanctioned class or match to include your scores or qualification status as well as your contact information to the National Rifle Association, Civilian Marksmanship Program, or similar sanctioning authority, unless you opt out in writing before the end of the event.

RR websites may place one or more cookies on the visitor’s web browsers to collect miscellaneous traffic data and maintain application status. Information from such cookies may be used for analysis of the performance of web sites and other systems but will not be maintained in a personally identifiable format.

RR may maintain directories or email lists in order to contact participants, members, and instructors and other volunteers or to allow members to contact one another. From time to time we may send periodical newsletters to those included in these lists. In all cases, an opt-out will be offered to those who do not wish to receive such communications or participate in such directories. This opt-out will be offered via the relevant communications or may be accomplished by e-mail to, specifying the email address and the list(s) from which it should be removed. Members, volunteers or attendees may also request to be removed from any directory maintained by RR. Personal identifying information may be required to authenticate such requests.

Children Under 13: RR allows participation by and extends junior membership to minors under the age of 13. However, we request that the parents or guardians of such minors use their own personal information when registering the child for events or membership.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, RR may make further use of personal information, such as publication, with an explicit opt-in and/or model release by the affected member(s), volunteer(s) or attendee(s).

To contact a RR official regarding this policy, please email

Updated 8 August 2016 to include verbiage regarding submission of information to the NRA, CMP, etc.