Standard Operating Procedures: Basic Volume (Section 1–Overview)

Shooting Sports – American History – Civic Engagement





1.1 Organization Purpose

1.1.1 Purpose

The vision of Revere’s Riders is: “Every American Choosing Liberty – Every Day!”

The purpose and mission areas of Revere’s Riders are: “To educate the public in American history, support marksmanship, and promote civic engagement.”

1.1.2 Goals

The goals of this organization shall be as follows:

  1. Educate the general public in marksmanship.
    • Educate the general public on pro-firearms issues by providing visible leadership by example andthrough the dissemination of pertinent information.
    • Promote the safe and responsible use of all types of firearms and range equipment by facilitating formal and informal classes.
    • Promote the safe enjoyment of all areas of shooting sports by facilitating formal and informal shooting activities.
    • Gain and maintain affiliations with nationally-recognized shooting sports associations.
  2. Educate the general public in American history.
    • Promote awareness of American history, with a focus on the colonial period, Revolutionary War, and early Republic.
    • Cultivate an appreciation for American heritage and of the sacrifices made by earlier generations ofAmericans on behalf of liberty and freedom.
  3. Promote responsible non-partisan civic involvement.
    • Encourage the general public to participate in civic life.
    • Educate the general public on civic participation.
    • Foster an appreciation for the freedoms and liberties provided by American civic life.
    • Provide an environment for club members to practice leadership in traditional organizationalgovernance roles and skills.
    • Comply with all regulations and requirements to maintain 501(C)3 status. Bias favoring or opposingone candidate or political party over another is strictly prohibited.

1.2 Foreword

Thank you for your interest in our organization! This manual of Standard Operating Procedures is intended as a reference guide. It is not intended to be read from cover to cover; instead, use the Table of Contents to jump to the relevant sections as needed.

No manual can replace passion or mentorship. All Revere’s Riders members are encouraged to work as part of a team to grow and move towards our shared objective.

This is Volume One of the SOP. It contains our core basic procedures in all three of our key mission areas: Civic Engagement, Marksmanship, and History. Additionally, it includes key information regarding basic event administration and the training progression for Basic Instructor Training.

There are other volumes for each of our specialized areas: Event Administration for Event Directors, Shooting Sports by discipline for instructors, History for storytellers, and so on. Please refer to those volumes for greater details on each topic.

1.3 Edition Information

1.3.1 Revision Notes

This is Edition 3.0. The primary change for this edition is a reorganization. Volunteers will find all core information that is of broad interest in the first volume. Separate volumes will include information needed to run events in different disciplines, and is of interest only to volunteers working in those disciplines.

Additionally, a number of items specific to various disciplines have been tweaked and streamlined based on inputs from volunteers and experience in the field.

1.3.2 Acknowledgements

Many individuals contributed to this manual, and not all can be individually named. We are especially appreciative of the following key contributors:

  • John Lee, who adapted CMP and NRA procedures for use in our range procedures
  • Ben Edman, who drafted much of the Basic Rifle instructional tips
  • Heather Seidler, who compiled the initial history materials
  • Sharon Sabo, who compiled the initial civic engagement materials
  • Phil “V” who executed a major formatting cleanup in Version 2.0

Any errors are those of the editor (i.e. myself).

1.3.3 Revisions and Changes

This manual will be revised on a periodic basis. Please identify changes to the appropriate Officers.

Version 1.1 adds additional detail on skill challenge scoring.

Version 1.2 fixes several typographical errors, removes blank pages, and updates the Qualification Test descriptions for clarity.

Version 2.0 fixes some hierarchy numbering of sections and converts to LibreOffice to auto-generate cross-references etc. Replaces old MRM references with Revere’s Riders. No substantive changes to content.

1.4 SOP Approval

Revere’s Riders
PO Box 9571
Las Vegas, NV 89191


The enclosed Standard Operating Procedures address typical activities. On 25 April 2015, the RR Board of Directors reviewed the SOPs and passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the board of directors has reviewed the proposed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP),

WHEREAS, the SOP are based upon best practices in our field,

RESOLVED, that the proposed SOP are approved and in effect,

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the board shall review the SOP annually,

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the President or Vice President may approve additions, subtractions, or other changes to the SOP from time to time, except that neither shall remove any safety precautions.

The SOPs is approved / rejected. It will go into effect immediately and be reviewed on at least an annual basis. It supersedes any previous versions.

The primary points of contact for any issues with the branding usage policy will be the appropriate club officer, but I am always happy to field questions or concerns. This SOP is not perfect, but should serve through our launch.



Christopher M. Seidler