Tonight Revere’s Riders hosted a CMP Rimfire Sporter Match at the Clark County Shooting Park in Las Vegas, NV.  After warming up with “Morgan’s 13,” a challenging course of fire that honors the 13 initial Colonies and Daniel Morgan’s Revolutionary Riflemen, we shot a CMP Rimfire Sporter match. This challenging match requires both slow and rapid
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Revere’s Riders Timer App

One of our volunteers has created a free Android App that allows you to practice the times for our Rifle Qualification Test course of fire on your own! Practice building a stable position, applying the steps to firing a shot and making all your “hits count” in time with this app!  The times should match
April 19 — the anniversary of Paul Revere’s famous ride and the “shot heard ’round the world” — will soon be upon us!  Please check the schedule of events for a history presentation, rifle clinic or shooting match near you and join us in celebrating the occasion!  If there’s no event near you, it isn’t