Revere’s Riders would to thank all the Scouts and Leaders from Boy Scout Troop 396 of Brownsburg, IN for their help in making the Inaugural Marty Brown Memorial Open a great success! The scouts helped with numerous tasks such as: directing traffic in the parking lot raising and lowering the flag numbering the target line
Two previous students of our Rifle 223 course happened to also attend the Vickers Tactical 2-Day Advanced Carbine clinic held in Lebanon, IN in June. One student posted a favorable comparison between our course and the Vickers course on the INGO discussion forum: Had a great time shooting with you all. Impressed with the professionalism
Photos from the Inaugural Marty Brown Memorial Open have been posted to the Gallery section of the Revere’s Riders website. Due to the sheer number of photos, they have been divided into two separate galleries: Inaugural Marty Brown Memorial Open Day 1 (Pistol) Inaugural Marty Brown Memorial Open Day 2 (Rifle) Look for more photos
Jake Woodcock, Nigel Downton and I recently made a long weekend trip down to the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park. The CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park sits on 500 acres of land and boasts a 600 yard rifle range with electronic targets at 200, 300 and 600 yards; a 100 yard rifle range with electronic targets; a

Annual Report: 2018 in Review

Dear Members and Friends of Revere’s Riders, Two-thousand-eighteen has come to a close and it has been a year of both successes and challenges for Revere’s Riders. The statistics that I will present below do little justice to the hard work of our volunteers and instructors. What is not apparent in the 2018 statistics is
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AAR: Battle Road Staff Ride

In mid-November, two of our volunteers led a staff ride on the site of the “Battle Road” in Massachusetts.  A staff ride is a historical study of a campaign or battle that envisions a systematic study, an extensive field study phase on the actual historic site , and an integration phase to capture the lessons
The 2nd Annual Marty Brown Rifle Match was held on Range 3 at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center over the weekend of Nov. 3-4, 2018. Fourteen participants brought their rifles in an attempt to win one of two trophies especially constructed for the event. The “High Score” and “Tactifail” trophies were custom made by Revere’s

AAR: Bad Axe Throwing

A group of Revere’s Riders volunteers and instructors spent a recent Sunday evening at Bad Axe Throwing in Indianapolis, IN. This was the first in what will hopefully be a semi-regular series of casual meetups of Revere’s Riders volunteers/instructors. Many of us only see each other at Revere’s Riders events or at meetings in preparation for
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Originally, this event was to be conducted entirely on a “pop-up” target rifle range at Camp Atterbury (Range 14). We had reserved this range early in the year but approximately 2 weeks before the event, the US Army informed us that we were being bumped off Range 14 to accommodate a unit that was being
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