Did our post on “Women Heroes of the American Revolution” being added to our online store pique your interest in how ladies assisted the men during the Revolutionary War? If so, here is another excellent book: “The Women of the American Revolution” written by Elizabeth F. Ellet. Less than 100 years after the war ended,
In June, two Revere’s Riders instructors, Bradley Settle (“Slim”) and Kevin Fitz-Gerald (“Unbridled Liberty”), made a journey to Boston, Massachusetts. There they visited what has become known as Battle Road, where, on April 19, 1775, men and women who were previously British subjects took up arms and fought for Liberty. In the course of the Battles of
The Revere’s Riders Rifle Qualifier is based on a long tradition of American Rifle marksmanship. We most directly trace the roots of our qualifier to the WW2 and Korea M1 Garand qualifier, which was adopted as the CMP Service Rifle course of fire. Each of these courses of fire is in turn drawn from earlier

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Editor’s Note:  This article is in a series about the heritage of our marksmanship challenges.  Click here for the introduction to the series. If you attend a Revere’s Riders rifle event, you’ll have a chance to try your hand at shooting “Morgan’s Shingle.”  We have a version scaled for 25 yards, one for 100 yards,
This weekend, we reflect on the powerful ideals articulated in 1776 in our Declaration of Independence.  These familiar key words  and phrases—Creator, Life, Liberty, Happiness, Safety and Happiness—have rung through our nation’s history, providing a guiding beacon through the generations.  They are, in short, a vision, handed down from generation to generation to keep America on