On April 24th, 2017 a second copy of the Declaration of Independence was discovered in Chichester, England. The copy is believed to have been commissioned by Charles Lennox, Third Duke of Richmond: “Richmond was a strong critic of Lord North’s American policy. In December 1775, he declared in the House of Lords that the resistance
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Last week we wrote an after action report for a recent Patriot’s Day event.  We wanted to share some student feedback from the post-event surveys: “Excellent class! I would highly recommend this to anyone who really would like to sharpen their rifle shooting skills.” “This was an awesome course for beginners. Each volunteer was extremely
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On this day in 1775, Paul Revere’s famous ride set into action the start of the American Revolutionary war.  Throughout the month of April, Revere’s Riders has been celebrating this event with clinics that connect Americans to our shared heritage.  Check out an event coming near you soon, or continue reading for an AAR of
The author is unknown yet the words could be said to resonate in many American Revolutionary War Veterans. The physical suffering is not the dominating factor of this prose, but the realization that what is left behind by those “tot’ring o’er the grave” is the contribution to “Generations yet to come, Shall find a lasting peaceful
The Massachusetts Spy was a colonial weekly newspaper founded in 1770 by Isaiah Thomas and his former master, Zechariah Fowle; later Thomas would buy out Fowle to become sole publisher. Having a circulation of around 3,500, the Spy was substantially more popular than other newspapers of the day which typical had circulations of less than
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“Known as the poet of the American Revolution, Philip Freneau was influenced by both the political situation of his time and the full, active life he led. He attended Princeton University, where James Madison was his roommate, and planned to become a minister. However, at Princeton he became engaged in political debates with fellow students
National Poetry Month is a literary celebration which is celebrated all over the world by millions of people. The purpose of this holiday is to mark the importance of poetry in our lives and to remember the great poets who created this poetry. The most famous Poem concerning the American Revolution is Paul Revere’s Ride
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As many of you may have heard, YouTube will shortly be implementing more strict policies regarding firearms-related content on their platform. While it is our belief that the Revere’s Riders content on YouTube falls well within these guidelines, we have mirrored our video content to Vimeo should YouTube decide we are not welcome on their