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Sponsorships assist Revere’s Riders in fulfilling it’s mission of marksmanship training, teaching Revolutionary War history and encouraging civic engagement. In particular, sponsorships are critical for Revere’s Riders to continue offering reduced cost marksmanship training for youth (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.) and ladies groups.

Target sponsorships place your organization’s logo and contact information on the Revere’s Riders targets used for our events. Choose from the following target sponsorship levels:

  • Single Event—placement on the target for a single event
  • State Wide—placement on the targets for all events in a state
  • Organization Wide—placement on all Revere’s Riders targets

A Revere’s Riders representative will contact you after purchase to discuss details of your target sponsorship.


  • Target sponsorships are subject to availability
  • A minimum 4-week lead time is needed to ensure sufficient time to print targets


Revere’s Riders is a non-profit corporation.  We have a 501C(3) determination from the IRS which can be made available upon request.


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